A new way of drink @lisbon

CINCO is the Way

CINCO lounge is for us @Tram28 the best spot to drink and enjoy a relaxing atmosphere. With a cool cocktail culture, Cinco give us a great space in Lisbon, to meet and smile with friends

The staff and the owner are the diamond in the venue, always available to help us choosing the best cocktaiçl for us and even to know a little more about the cocktail culture. Cinco is not only a simple cocktail bar but I may say that Cinco is a cathedral for the true expert of drinks. In Cinco, nothing fails, and your dreams come through, like seeing a teapot fuming

Quoting from their website: “Cinco is a place to lounge, relax and unwind with friends over a cocktail or two. Anything goes, from what you wear to how old or young you are. Our policy on music is the same. The only certainty is that it’ll never be so loud you can’t hear yourself or your friends talk. After all, that’s not particularly relaxing. We treat all our guests with a warm welcome, and strive to provide a high level of service throughout each visit, as we believe it’s the little touches that make the biggest difference to your enjoyment and satisfaction.”

That is Cinco Lounge, a place that we recommend, and we love to meet people, great Job Dave, keep it coming…


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