Carpe Diem Gallery

The Pombal Palace, located in the O Século street, is a 16th-century building which served as the official residence of the Pombal Family until the 1755 earthquake.

Carpe Diem Arte e Pesquisa is a platform for research, experimentation and studies in the field of contemporary art founded in 2009. It took over the heritage, transforming the palace into a 17-exhibition room property open to the public. It presents a multidisciplinary and plural structure for visual arts, the purpose of which is providing a network for the exchange of information between artists, theorists, students, producers and audience. 

The most interesting thing about this building is that the palace was reconstructed from what was left of the 1755 earthquake and it contains areas with considerable dimensions, 6 metres ceiling heights, stuccoed ceilings and monumental staircases.

Rua de O Século nº 79, Bairro Alto
+351 21 197 7102


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