Tiny Bookshop in @Lisbon

Simão’s Bookshop, is located on the border between the majestic Baixa and picturesque Alfama neighbourhoods, is known as the smallest bookshop in the world. With its uncommonly modest 40,9 square feet, it proudly hosts approximately 4,000 used books, bibliographic rarities, prints, manuscripts, comic books and even records. Every single time a client wants to enter the bookshop Simão Carneiro (the owner), has to go out. This bookshop opened in 2008 and its content is for all tastes: from Portuguese authors to foreign writers, not forgetting the extremely rare first editions in several languages.

Simão’s Bookshop is tiny but very surprisingly easy to find. As soon as you find a mountain of stacked books on the “escadinhas” de São Cristóvão, you have come to the right place. This fantastic treasure was closed for many years after it had been used as a kiosk. Nowadays, at this crossing area, which name is due to the São Cristóvão Church (placed exactly at the same spot where the old Santa Maria de Alcamim Church was, in the 12th century), dozens of tourists roam daily, fascinated with the never seen before dimension of this bookshop. They take photos and even buy books in their mother tongues.


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