Depósito da Marinha Grande

The first glass production factory in Portugal —Real Fábrica de Vidros da Marinha Grande — was established in 1769 by Marquês de Pombal in the city of Marinha Grande, in the centre of Portugal. 

Since then, talking about Marinha Grande is the same as talking about the high quality and prestige of Portuguese hand blown glass. About 120 years ago it opened its first store in Lisbon, on the Rua de São Bento, numbers 234-242. 

The truth is that when you hear about a shop of this kind, one that has survived for so many years, you naturally tend to think that you’ll only find relics. But that is not the case: one can actually find vintage Portuguese household items, such as the glasses with colourful edges that have been a staple of Portuguese tables for many generations.

R. São Bento nº 159, 1ºDT
+351 21 395 5818


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