Hip, Urban Market in Lisbon

Here’s a great idea for a morning, afternoon or evening in Lisbon. It’s a little like the ultra cool Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid, mixed with the tradition of the multi-cultural Farmers Market in Los Angeles. It’s the Mercado de Campo de Ourique in Lisbon, and it’s filled with a large variety of gourmet food stalls, mixed with thirst quenching bars, and an abundance of ultra-fun people-watching.

Campo de Ourique is one of the most traditional neighborhoods of Lisbon. The market has been the center of the neighborhood since 1934. However, in the last year, it has been refurbished and reopened with a hungry, chic and urban customer in mind.
Mercado de Campo de Ourique

At this market, traditional fruit and vegetable stalls are situated next to stands serving modern, sophisticated cuisine. There are fresh juice counters, as well as bars specializing in flavored gins, or pouring an array of Portuguese wines. Expect to find:

Sausages and Cheeses ■   Wines by the Glass or Bottle ■   Artisanal Ice Creams  ■  Champagne  ■  Fish and Seafood  ■  American Favorites ■  Italian Pastas and Pizzas   ■ Sushi  ■  Quality Grilled Meats  ■  Pastries and Traditional Convent Sweets   ■ Hamburgers  ■  Coffees  ■ Suckling Pig  ■  And much, much more to explore….

The market is a great place for brunch, lunch, coffee, afternoon snacks, dinner and even evening drinks. Often, music or entertainment is scheduled. It’s a great space to get to know the people, food, traditions and city of Lisbon. For more information, visit the Mercado de Campo de Ourique Facebook Page.

Mercado de Campo de Ourique Rua Coelho da Rocha Campo de Ourique Lisbon
Phone:  +351 21 132 3701
Email:   info@mercadodecampodeourique.pt
Hours: Sunday to Wednesday – 10:00 to 23:00 Thursday to Saturday – 10:00 to 01:00


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