The Town of The Crows …

Another day the Memory Makers Team visited  Dois Corvos; a brewery in the middle of Lisbon Town.  In Dois Corvos you will find that your taste buds will dance through the diverse tastes of beer in this well-created space. A light fermentation smell lingers in the air, and the temperature is low, fresh and cool.

From out on the street, in front of the gun metal grey door emblazoned with the logo of two crows in black, you might not know that a hive of activity awaits inside. You can ask for the beer of the day, and taste the food, it’s very cheap and tasty. order one of their delicious focaccias – so you can stay here for a couple of hours and experience craft beer in Lisbon at a relaxed pace.


Try individual pints at Dois Corvos, or sample a range of their beers by ordering a tray – a selection of five different beers each in 125ml glasses.

If you wanna bring home the taste of Dois Corvos, just buy one of their ‘growlers’, beautiful one or two-litre bottles that you can get a refill of when you’re back in the neighbourhood.

Dois Corvos is open 2-9pm Sunday to Thursday, 2pm-12am on Friday and Saturday. It’s located in the Marvila neighbourhood, two blocks from Rua de Açucar and near Marvila train station.  


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