Geography Society, Discover Beauty in Lisbon

The Sociedade de Geografia de Lisboa (Geographical Society of Lisbon) is recognised, both nationally and internationally, as indispensable for anyone wishing to research into not only the history of the Portuguese Discoveries but also the Geography, History and Ethnography of the community of Portuguese speaking countries.

But into the building of the Society, you will find a gem of the Portuguese beauty, this is the “Sala Portugal”.
“Sala Portugal” (Portugal Room) is 50 metres long and extends throughout the building’s entire façade. It is a 50 by 16 metres open space surrounded by 2 levels of galleries where some of the most important documents and maps are stored.

This is a unique and very literary place, which houses the collection of artefacts belonging to most of our explorers and travellers, such as Gago Coutinho and Sacadura Cabral. Visits must be requested beforehand. However, anyone can visit the building and imagine what lies within …

R. Portas de Santo Antão nº 100, 1150

+ 351 21 342 540


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